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Kitten Tooth
10-09-2010, 12:30 AM
hello everyone. I just got a 1990's subaru legacy. Dont know what year it is because i left the title in the glove box. Anyway, you guys shouldnt need the year to help me figure out what wrong with it. First off, im 15 years old (sorry messed up my registry age) no im not 34 or whatever:D anyway, this is the second car that i have ever driven that was stick. First was an old honda civic. Anyways, i took it down the hill from my house and drove it all over when it started to get kind of a bad shimmy in the steering wheel. I now know it was a loose front wheel which i have already fixed. I was told when i got the car that the clutch was out of it because you had to push the pedal all the way through the floor to get it to come out of gear. When i drove it, it did have to go to the floor and the clutch pedal was real stiff. Im going to take a look at the linkages tomorrow in the daylight. while coming back up the hill to my house i was in 3rd doing about 30 to 40mph when the car began to slow down rapidly and the motor would only rev to 3000 rpm... being faily new with a stick shift car i did it the stupid way and tried to give it more gas to speed it up. When it kept slowing down i figured i would shove the clutch in and downshift to 1st so i had more torque. As soon as the clutch went in, the motor shut off. i thought it almost locked up it stopped so fast. I had a friend in the car and he yelled look Tim, its smoking really bad. I yelled at him to get out of the car and i rolled the window down to open my door since it dont open from the inside. i hit the E-brake and put it in 1st and got out. When i popped the hood, smoke billowed out and the car was full of smoke too. I smelt a really burnt smell that burned my sinuses when i inhaled... i know it was clutch burn. Anyway, i waited till the smoke went away and found that it was coming from the transmission area. I got back in the car, started right up, disengaged the E brake and took off. Drove fine ever since. So there was my first ride in the car anyway:D I found that it wont go into reverse without the car being off. It just grinds when you try to put the shifter into that position. This car is AWD i think. Anyway, any help would be appreciated. i think its a pressure plate myself but im not sure.

Thanks guys,

10-14-2010, 11:02 PM
Is it hard to shift into any other gears? Dose It grind going into any other gears?
Also-Not to be mean, it just happens to some people but-are you just that bad with a stick shift that your burning the clutch? Happens to my GF.
And-if it is the clutch/presure plate just buy a whole clutch kit and replace it all so it's not getting torn open again $$$ too soon due to the disk wearing out or a throw out bearing or something like that you know.

11-14-2010, 04:00 PM
Or wearing of the synchronizers. That happens when it's cold out and you don't let it run in Neutral for a min. Or from being bad at manual. :)

Kitten Tooth
11-16-2010, 12:03 AM
i determined that it is either out of adjustment where the cable from the pedal bolts up to that lever behind the motor, or it needs plates. Either way, the car is a total POS:D
Should go perteh good when the snow comes though, beings its awd. Ill let you guys know what happens.