View Full Version : EJ25 rebuild - need advice from RS veterans

09-28-2010, 08:31 PM
Ok here's the story:

My 2000 Impreza 2.5 RS is losing coolant. It overheated badly about a month ago and it's been "sipping" coolant every time I drive it. I changed my oil last week and found that it was chocolate/cream colored meaning that coolant is definately getting into my block. I'm suspecting a bad head gasket that's been pushed past it's limits as the EJ25 SOHC had a head gasket issue straight out of the factory. This is my 2nd rodeo with engine tear downs, I'm in the middle of another build that's being put on the back burner :(
Anyways, this weekend I want to take the motor out, tear it down and rebuild it. This is where I ask you RS veterans to chime in:

Eventually, and I mean in about 2 years or so I will turbocharge this motor with a small turbo @ 5-7psi. Quick spool with little extra pep for daily/winter driver. I want to rebuild this motor to be able to handle boost but at the same time keep the components stock or as close to stock as possible so when I install the engine back in the car it will be a drop-in, fire-it-up affair for N/A driveability for about 2 years (until I turbo). This will give it plenty of time for brake-in.

I want to at least replace the pistons with forged ones to give myself a little peace of mind for when I actually turbo it. Can I keep stock compression for 5-7 psi? How do you guys think the rods will handle 5-7 psi?

How about rebuild kits? What is the best place on the net to purchase the EJ25 rebuild kits (seals, bearings, gaskets etc etc) and how much do they run for? Any known and reputable brands that you guys swear by? How about timing belt kits?

I want to make this motor reliable and fun once I turbo it. Help a brotha out! I will continue my search as well, I dont expect to be spoon fed info here :)