View Full Version : 02 legacy trunk latch problem

09-22-2010, 04:31 PM
Hello, ive had this problem for almost a year now, any help would be great.

I have a 02 legacy L, when i purchased the car it didn't come with a trunk key (or from what i was told from the dealership is that the ignition key is the trunk key, but it wont open it.) So i used the trunk release to access my trunk. When my release worked i put a large dual 12 inch subwoofer box in there. Now my release seems to be disconnected in the trunk. (when i pull on the latch i can hear a click from the trunk, but no resistance.) I have removed my back seats to see if theres a emergency latch in there i could pull with a coat hanger, but i cant see past the gigantic speaker box.

Is there any way i can get in my trunk? at this point dont really care what i have to pay, I just need in my trunk pretty bad.

Also, if someone could do me a favor and take a picture of the inner trunk lid so i can estimate where the emergency release handle is, i would be grateful.