View Full Version : Heater matrix

09-22-2010, 03:17 PM
I have just purchased a 97 Impreza 2000 sportwagon off ebay.
I got it cheap as a project over the winter. ( I already own one which I have had for over ten yrs)
As with the perils of ebay you can get stitched up. I forwent the odd dink and the lack of servicing. In favour of good mechanics and a good drive. However when I got it home I found the two pipes from the matrix were not attached to hose pipes.
They had been looped by a length of steel tube.
I thought, well that cant be too difficult. I have most of the bottom of the dash and console out and have removed bolts from the fan housing which though loosened is still attached somewhere. Losing the light this evening I gave it a rest and decided to seek advice on here.
Will I have to rermove the whole dash to get it out??? That is the burning question.