View Full Version : Changing front drive axles on a 2001

09-19-2010, 08:46 PM
I just changed my front drive axles on my 2001 L. The right side roll pin was really hard to remove as it was over the cat converter but with the help of a friends long center punch I got it. As I was adjusting the new axle I pulled kind of hard and the whole axle assembly popped out with a 5 inch splined mini axle that has a expanding ring on the inside. It turns out that a good pull on the axle (once removed from the steering knuckle) will pull out this little axle and it is very simple to remove the pin holding the inner drive axle once it's out. Put the new axle assemble on the little shaft and line up the roll pin, push the whole assembly back in (after greasing it), tap with a hammer and it's easy to get the job done. I can't wait until next time!!