View Full Version : Injector advice

09-19-2010, 10:01 AM
Could someone please help me out with some advice re Forester injectors. My car is a 2 litre Forester XT (2000). I have already fitted a stainless downpipe and stainless exhaust pipe. Now I have an Impreza STi turbo (2005) that I want to fit with the small turbo that is in the car now, but have problems finding out which injectors I need to replace the existing ones (which are model 5-0405-0510 B3 (yellow)). More of a problem is that I am in Spain and the dude who is going to fit the turbo and who fitted the exhaust is also not sure which injectors to use. I have previously been advised that I can use the standard ones as long as they are not maxing out and that remapping needs to be done in conjunction therewith. Other advice I have received is that I can use size 550 injectors. No-one has been able to give me a decisive answer (i.e. model and injector size) and any input would be greatly appreciated - this is becoming a thorn in my side. Thanks very much.