View Full Version : Need help deciding!

08-31-2010, 08:35 PM
I'm plunging in to Subaru ownership! If anyone has input on choosing between two vehicles, I'd appreciate it.
I have a cabin in Maine that I use about a week a month. It's at the end of about 2 miles of fairly rough gravel road with a couple of hills. I'm looking at a 1996 Legacy Brighton 5 speed, no frills - and an Outback 1997 Automatic, loaded. They both seem in really good shape, and have +/- 135,000 miles. Dont know any history on the Brighton-dealer bought it at an auction and it comes with a 9 month limited warranty.
The Outback has had two owners and seems well taken care of but I havent seen it on the lift to inspect for rust. Owner says the car has no problems.
So here are my questions: 5 speed vs. Auto? Does one ride higher than the other and be better over rough road? Any specifics about those years/models that would affect my't decision? And should I pay for CarFax on these older cars.
thanks a lot,