View Full Version : Subaru outback legacy, check engine light, fans not running, error p1506

08-18-2010, 07:38 PM
Hey guys. I recently bought my first subaru. it's a 97legacy outback and i absolutely love the car. the other day while sitting idle in my car for a bit all of a sudden my check engine light came on, and my temperature gague was starting to get up there. i turned it off, let it cool down and drove home without a problem later. i'm a first time car owner and don't know much about cars but when my uncle and i opened the hood we noticed the fans weren't running. i turned on the a/c and they kicked on for a bit and the idle went up, then it went down a minute later and the fans shut off. We ran a code scanner through it and it returned the error code p1506. I've looked around a bit and the only leads i've gotten are that iut's the idle air intake valve. i hear it's an easy fix but i wanted to get some more opinions on it and see if anyone's had a similar issue.