View Full Version : ravensí safety guard recover from surgery, maybe missing first 6 games

08-11-2010, 11:23 PM
When the Baltimore ravens in season opener against New York jet, their all-star security guard eidur reed is likely to be a spectator instead of participants.

Reed is from hip surgery in the offseason, he told the Baltimore station in the list of injuries, he may start his camp, and this may continue to season begins.
If the reed in list began the season, according to the rules of the NFL will miss his first six games. In this case, his first game will be October 24, the buffalo bill against wang.

Reed 6 all-star (including last season), 2004 season chosen defensive player of the year, so far there career 46 copy section 11 times defensive player (including nine times copy cut back to attack and 2 times to drop the ball up).