View Full Version : Considering a 2005 Forester w/ 170k miles

08-09-2010, 04:09 PM
I'm an old Impreza Outback Sport owner who has been carless after moving to NYC 4 years ago. I'm looking to finally get a car again and am looking at the Forester. There's a 2005 LL Bean Edition w/ 170k miles in excellent condition for sale for about the same price as what a 2003 with 110k miles is going for around here. Dealer says everything runs as new and it was all highway mileage from one owner but, it's a dealer, and 170k miles is A LOT of miles for this age. It comes to over 100 miles per weekday for it's entire life. Worth it? Not worth it? How do these era Forester's hold up in general?
Thanks in advance.

11-17-2010, 07:07 PM
They hold up great, although like you I would be a little wary about the high miles for such a new car. My '99 Forester only has 130K on it and it's 6 years older than yours.

That said, highway miles @ 100mi/day is not so bad, if you believe the dealer....

What I would do personally? Go for the 2003 with 60K less. They both score high in reliability, and are basically the same car/engine with some minor upgrades over the years. You have 60,000mi before reaching the mileage of the '05, and that could give you an extra year or two of ownership...

That said, you probably have already purchased a car by now...