View Full Version : Warranty and Maintenance Booklet for a 2000 Subaru Legacy?

08-08-2010, 01:48 AM

I recently moved to Okinawa, Japan and bought a 2000 Subaru Legacy B4. It's a Japanese through and through with the steering wheel on the right and everything! It's all wheel drive with a twin turbo charged 2.5 liter motor.
Unfortunately, that's all I know about it. The manual I was given does not contain anything regarding maintenance schedules, and it's all in Japanese as well. The car is in great shape with only 80,000 kilometers on it.

All I'm looking for is information on when to change the oil and filter, what kind of oil to use since it's turbo charged, fuel filter, air filter, PCV valve, transmission fluid, differential fluid replacement intervals etc.

I asked the guys at the used car dealership about it, and they told me to replace the oil and transmission fluid every 3 months. The oil I can understand, but the tansmission fluid shouldn't need to be replaced that often.

I have always been a domestic car owner. My last car was a Crown Victoria, so I'm not familiar with these vehicles. I can guess at when to do certain things, but I'd like to take care of this car the best I can. Can someone help me track down a Warranty and Maintenance Booklet or at least let me know some basic maintenance intervals on this car?


09-17-2010, 04:52 PM
From cars101.com, replace transmission fluid every 24000 miles for severe driving condition.

Since I'm not allowed to post a web link, use Google search and type in the following: cars101 subaru 2000 maintenance

This should give you the web link to the maintenance schedule.

Hope this helps.