View Full Version : Charging light, Brake Light and Stop Lamp Question

07-27-2010, 08:24 AM
I bought a 91 Suby Legacy L. It is all stock and runs very well. It has 138k miles on it. Almost every feature on it works except for the inside trunk release and that is a cable issue.
What I am getting is at random times the Charging(Battery), brake and stop lamp light all 3 together will come on. So far I see no pattern. Has come on at start up sometime running at 45 mph or at times at highway speed. Most times it does not stay on long other times 30-45 mins. It has happened with no lights, A/C or stereo and with all on.
The car has had the Alt changed in the last 5 months and the Belts are new.
I guess the fact that all three lights come on and go off together has me a bit baffled.
Also all the lights work great. Also has a battery that is less than a year old.
These lights are off way more than on, but I would like to get it taken care.
This is my first Subaru and post, but any help would be appreciated.