View Full Version : Subaru Impreza 2000 1.6l TS AWD

05-04-2010, 04:31 PM

Sorry if this is in the wrong forum.

I am looking to get a car that is cheap to insure to learn to drift in. Although many people say to use nissan 200sx it is still a little to expensive to insure and is kind of an old car now. (the newer models are way way to expensive to insure.)

I found affordable quotes for an impreza with a 1.6litre TS model with AWD.

Is it possible to drift this car with relative ease with the awd and can you change the differential?

How fast can with car do 0-62 and what is the torque, HP like>

Is it a good and fun car to own>

Thanks for the help!

05-18-2010, 09:35 PM
Sure, mine 02 ts drifts great in gravel, mud and especially wet grass. Snow is my fav, however. The AWD rocks, once you've tried it you'll never go back. Make sure you get the 5spd!

Doody 2000
09-07-2010, 10:45 PM
I dont know if id try to drift on dry pavement with awd you might flip it. get a stick for sure