View Full Version : Another awd question, any experts.

04-17-2010, 04:26 PM
I have a 2001 outback, 2.5l auto trans. my rear tires don't spin when I am in mud, on a steep hill, or in the rain when I floor it. I put my car on jack stands and put it in drive. The rears turn and when I set the e brake all 4 stop, but like i said if i pull on a steep slick hill I can sit watching out the window and am certian the fronts spin but the rears dont. I do have some chatter when turning sharp on cement. The trans fluid has been flushed. I am thinking worn clutches in awd tranfer case. Also the transmission is from a 2004 but I called the dealer and gave them the vin of my car, and the car the tranmission came out of and the gear rations were identical. So any help is great, I would love to not half to spend 1500 dollars at the dealer to get the clutch pack put in, but darn if I do. Thanks!