View Full Version : Broken B4

04-03-2010, 07:38 PM
I think I have a big problem...

I am the owner of a 1999 legacy b4 RSK turbo. Love it, never had any problems until now.

I am aware of an oil leak in the rocker gasket right above the exhaust, although this is not the problem.

Two weeks ago, i accelerated on the highway onramp and decided to put my foot down. As it reached 5000rpm and the second turbo started to pull, the revs just cut to idle and the check engine light came on on the dash. Checked under the hood and everything was ok as far as i could see, so i had no choice but to move off again. I haven't used the second turbo since. One week ago, I found a loose hose near the back of the engine bay. It looked like a low pressure hose and it was very small, and i reconnected it. Last night i was coming back from my friends house, and saw steam coming from the engine so i pullled into the gas station, and realised the radiator was loosing coolant, it may have cracked because coolant was everywhere. Made it back home the next morning but now i have a broken car. No engine damage evident since temperature gauge was normal prior to radiator failure, and drove fine.

I am extremely worried about this, could there be any linkages to these incidents and what should i do?

please help me!