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10-13-2008, 04:28 AM
Hi to all..
I am pulling my hair out trying to find the fault for my legacy/liberty overheating..

Its a 2.2 flat four 1992 sedan..
After running the car 30 mins with air con ON the temperature goes up to boiling point..
Coolant in expansion tank fills right up and just looses the coolant from the overflow pipe on expansion tank. Hence having to replace water/coolant in the radiator.
Once engine is switched off the radiator makes a sucking noise and the expansion tank goes back down to near empty.

I have replaced the thermostat and radiator cap and bleed screw..
I have had the radiator replaced with new coolant and machanic has bled the car properly by jacking it up and topping it up etc..

2 pipes leading into interor for the heater controls are hot..
the pipe at the top of the radiator is also hot.
the pipe at the bottom of the radiator where the thermostat is attached is COLD ALL THE TIME..AND in adition to this when i put the heater fans ON there is NO hot air coming from the vents!!
The radiator does not have any leaks and it has had a head pressure test which is fine.HENCE CYLINDER HEAD GASKET IS FINE.
Machanic says it seems like a bloggage somewhere but they are guessing it to be the radiator is clogged and may need cleaning out.

With the bottom pipe not getting hot and staying cold i thought it may be the water pump as there is no heat from the vents and cold bottom pipe but my machanic says it will not be that.

Any suggestions as i am at my witts end with this one. and the machanics are flustered with this too.. im apprehensive them sending away the radiator to be fully stripped and tested for $165 if its not this..
I am thinking a second hand radiator or get mine reconned if you can do that?? I have been told a NEw radiator is about $600 Australian..

Any specialists out there?????? Thanks from Gavin..

12-14-2008, 01:49 PM
I'm not a specialist but have worked on cars for many years as a hobby (in Australia, although now I'm based in the US). From my experience (again - not a specialist) I believe you are correctly down to one of two things - the water pump or a blockage, and from what you're saying I'm more suspecting the water pump. I haven't seen a radiator 100% block without someone using Bars Leaks or something like that (which means the heater core gets it too...). I'm suspecting water pump and will be interesting to see who else weighs in (hopefully a specialist) and their thoughts. Good luck Gav - these ones can be frustrating!

12-16-2008, 04:03 AM
Hi.just so people know.. got the overheating sorted...
The boxer service garage at Brendale Queensland Oz, changed a Plastic four way conncetor for a brass and larger type unit in the midlle of 2 pipes going into the fire wall. i think they are for the heater core.. changed thermostat for boxer type( apparently you should only use subaru thermos not copies) nad changed and bled the coolant system...
$200 bux later everything sweet...no overheating..

One more problem now the car engine is tapping like crazy now..Arhh.. I was selling it this weekend and now this happens.. The car has done only 189000kms(apparently they go for 350000kms) and only just started to knock.. Engine done 5000kmd since last service, oil is full... and clean..