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03-21-2010, 02:01 PM
Hello all,

I am thinking of getting a mark 1 1.8 AWD wagon type thing as a daily hack so I can preserve my MX5 and work on it in peace. Especially in light of the winters getting worse and worse.

Just had a few questions though,

How reliable are these cars?
Are parts easy to get/cheap?
How are they in the snow?
Do parts from the "better" impreza's bolt on if one gets bored and decides to upgrade a bit?
And finally how accurate is the 30mpg around town figure that I seem to be getting?

I understand they are slow as sin, but I don't need a fast car for a daily hack. All it needs to be is reasonably interesting and economical but mostly reliable. I don't do hundreds of thousands of miles so MPG isn't the most important thing in the world which is why am willing to sacrifice a bit in MPG for the 4wd system, but would I be gaining the wet and white weather driveability to compensate?

04-09-2010, 09:22 PM
SJR lift in WA. makes adapter flywheels/plates to bolt on an ej22, might even have a local shop modify your flywheel and make your own adapter plate which I believe needs to be 12mm thick. A few of the holes line up for reference. Not sure if that would be accurate enough though. You are talking about an EA82 1.8 right?