View Full Version : Electrical buzz/static in a factory 2007 stereo????

03-19-2010, 07:17 AM
I just installed a un-204 2007 mp3/ wma factory cd player in my 2005 legacy wagon.

It works great except for electrical buzz whenever its powered on coming from the unit itself. Its pretty loud. A nice steady 'HMMMMMMMMM'. You can hear it very clearly with the engine running and the stereo turned down. It only turns off when the car is off.

Is there some kind of posible electrical interference from the factory wiring that could cause this? I noticed the antena wire(?) is long and needs to be fastened to the side of the consol. Is this the problem? Does in need to be fastened behind or in front of the heater controls?

Very confused and dissapointed after spending all that time to swap radios. What a pita