View Full Version : No start, fried ecm?

02-12-2010, 05:12 PM
So I was installing a stereo, deck and a sub, in my friends 2002 Impreza 2.5L and after it was all done and he was pulling it out of the garage it wouldn't start. It would just turn over and turn over.

Now at first I thought we just popped a fuse but I checked all of them and they are good. Everything appears to be plugged in properly in the engine bay and under the dash.

What has me worried that the ecm is fried is that there is no mil that comes up with the key in the on position like all the other lights do and when I hook up a obd2 reader to it the reader acts as if it is not plugged in. I have tried 2 readers.

I have also checked the main relay and the fuel pump relay, they both are fine. But I don't have power at the fuel pump.:confused::confused:
I have not yet checked spark but I will if someone thinks it will tell me something.

I don't understand, it was running fine when we pulled it into the garage and the stereo should have no effect on the starting system. The mil was working before we started the install too. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! thanks all!

EDIT: So I checked the voltage at the fuel pump relay and main relay and the coils have power but the the switch only has .05 volts. The fuse is good going to it.