View Full Version : so fla subie newbie

09-08-2008, 10:50 PM
yeah, i know, it was kinda goofy playin on the rhyms there, but whatever....
actually, it's a lie too!! i had an 88 justy years back. (that's story i don't want to get into)

i just bought a 95 legacy wagon awd. i've always had a weird thing for subarus, i don't know if it's the crazy engineering they've always incorporated. or just, well, i think it's that actually. i'll post pics later, i'll be picking it up tomorrow. it's a Mass car, so the salt's gotten to parts here and there. i really was buying as a work car, but i've never been able to keep my mind at ease of all the possibilities... we'll see. plus, this is my first AWD. (the just had a button you pushed to engage)