View Full Version : 2005 RS - stops running

02-09-2010, 10:53 AM
I have a stock 2005 RS that had misfires on two cylinders. The shop that I take it to replaced the coil as they said it was bad. I wanted to change the plugs as well, so picked up the same plugs that were in the car. Replacing went without a problem, they spun right out and the new ones right in.
The problem I have now is when I shift, after the car warms up, the engine throttles so low that it dies. Any clue what I should look for? I had removed the air cleaner cover when changing the plugs and forgot to reconnect the sensor wires so got 102 and 113 codes. But after reconnecting it, those went away. I have no codes at all now, just a dying engine.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!