View Full Version : '04 baja turbo coolant leak

02-07-2010, 08:06 PM
I haven't had this car long (04 turbo baja 88,000 miles) about 3-4 weeks, I haven't even made a payment yet. I have drove it about 1,000 miles since I have had it with no problems. Yesterday I went shopping with some family when I noticed steam coming from under the hood. I knew immeadiately this was a coolant leak from the smell of antifreeze. It has never over heated. When opening the hood I saw coolant puddled on the bumper, all over the grill and it had soaked the under side of the hood on the driver front side. My dad was with me and searched and searched for the leak and can't find it. It appears that it is right around the radiator cap. I am terrified this might be a blown head gasket I will be so pissed if it is. My dad and I are not familar with subarus so we aren't sure what it could be. I am hoping its just faulty radiator cap (my dad said it wasn't), then I have read where some subarus have had rotted radiators. I don't know where the water pump is. I just want some insight into what this problem might be. I have all ready dropped the car off at a trusted mechanic but I always liked to be well informed at the likely causes of the problem. Any help is appreciated.

I was able to drive about 50 miles home, taking it easy without over heating, I just stopped and made sure it had plenty of coolant in it. I had to add almost a gallon during this whole ordeal. I also checked the oil and it looks perfect.