View Full Version : 2005 subaru wrx turbo problem, ( i think)

01-31-2010, 02:01 AM
I am not sure, I just got the car and never have a turbo car before.
what seems to be the problem is the presure doesn't built up.

the last owner put this turbo gague on.
i am still learning to read it.

here is what happen.
so when the car is off, it will point to "0"
when the car is idles it will point to around "-0.7"
when i slowly accelarating the car the gague doesn't move at all, even passing 3k rpm 4rpm and even more.
when i step on the gas hard, it will jump up to "0" harder it will get up to around "0.5" but once I stop accelarating and keep the same speed and same rpm i mean whatever rpm 3k, 4k or 6k, the pointer will quickly drop back to "-0.7" remember my engine is runing at 6k now and the pointer is at "-0.7"

is these samething wrong with this turbo?