View Full Version : Gen1 legacy help

09-01-2008, 07:35 AM
Hey everyone new to this forum looking for help. I have a 91 legacy, or liberty for you aussies that might be here. I am doing a complete overhaul upgrade and revamp to it. I will be painting it midnight black pearl, and want to pull the ej18 and drop in an ej20 or 22. Can I do this and keep my high low gears. I am also looking for a good place to shop STi parts used or new. I can find little things here and there but I am looking for 5 spoke gold rims with the STi logo on them muffler tips and any thing STi that I can put on the engine along with suspension swaybars the works. I am doing a custom bodykit myself. and will be changing out the headlamps and tail lights with newer year lights. Removing all emblems and adding 3 STi emblems. 1 on the rear. and one on either side of the cowl induction hood that I am doing. Any and all help and advice is welcomed please help.