View Full Version : New to Site, couple of questions for you STI owners

01-20-2010, 12:52 PM
First of all, I envy all of you sti owners.

Junior in college and I currently own a Volvo 850 turbo which has become too much of a hassle to own anymore. However, it was a good high performance car for a first car as I got it up to 240 hp.

As soon as I get in the field and am on a salary, I plan to purchase a used car, and the subaru STIs have caught my eye for the last couple years. Maybe a just a WRX model if cash is tight. Hopefully an '04 as I like their body style the best. I myself witnessed one smoke my Volvo. I just want to ask you guys a few quick questions if you will bear with me:

1. What is the satisfaction level of a Subaru WRX and/or STI? I'm sure you are satisfied with performance but is it a hole in the pocket to own? Are they reliable? (in depth answers are welcome)
-The volvo needed about everything replaced at 120,000 miles. And it failed 11 points on a 20 point inspection so more stuff is ready to put out.

2. What mods are most common?
-Before I gave up on the volvo I was planning a CAI, ecu tune, cat-back, and boost controller.

3. What are three of the best sti forums?

*Thanks guys and in 3 years when I'm done with college I look forward to speaking with all of you on a more technical level when I have my subaru.