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01-06-2010, 11:14 AM
Hi Guys,
I would love to purchase an STI when im 21. Im thinking of getting either an 06 or 07 model as i think these look the best shape wise. I have fallen in love with the Subies but i need some serious help. My plan once i get one is to do it up slightly. I to no extent want my car to look like an experiment, stock standard on the outside except for maybe some nice looking wheels is all i want to do body wise. This is where i need my help though. I want to make it a seriously quick vehicle and would like to put another turbo on it and ideally a BOV. (yes i do like the sound although many dont :p) I need to know as much as possible about this so when i make my moves i know whats happening to my vehicle.

Help would be much appreciated to those who know their stuff about these vehicles, ideally those who know about the 06 or 07 model STI's.

I understand how the BOV's work and why they are there, but when would one need to be installed onto a car such as this? Can they be installed onto the factory turbo that already comes with the car? If not then why?

Can i fit another turbo to the car? If so then tell me as much as you can about it...? Does this now allow for a BOV to be fitted?

I need to know as much as what you can tell me about these specific things. If you guys can do this i would be very very grateful, as i have no idea :).

Thanks for your time guys, and please help!