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Intel Corporation Twitter

Intel's (INTC 3.6%) Q2 miss stemmed from your $130M shortfall in Other Intel Architecture sales (Atom, baseband chips, etc.), and not PC/server CPU division weakness, says FBR, which is certainly reiterating an Outperform and $28 PT. Nonetheless, shares remain lower through Intel's lowered guidance and CC remarks about PC demand and inventories. Analysts questioned Intel about its guidance for flat 2013 revenue boost spite of expectations for any major Y/Y drop in PC sales. Management insisted its view is cautious, but added it's depending on a 2H improvement in macro conditions, as well as new Haswell/Bay Trail hardware, to spice up demand.


Intel (INTC) now 4.4% AH following its Q2 report, because of downbeat CC remarks. The chip giant says channel inventory continues to grow pursuing the Haswell launch, and (as reflected in Gartner/IDC's Q2 numbers) that Chinese sales have weakened. The chip giant also admits 2H visibility is bound at this point. Intel is banking on improving macro conditions along with a flurry of Haswell/Bay Trail notebook, tablet, and convertible launches later the year of 2010 to lift sales. RBC and Bernstein aren't sure if Intel has lowered guidance enough. AMD 0.7% and HPQ 0.6% in sympathy. AMAT 0.5% due to capex guidance cut.


Intel (INTC) has bought Israeli gesture recognition tech developer Omek Interactive. Geektime reports the cost is $40M. Omek is rolling out Grasp, a shortrange hand/fingertracking solution (PC/mobile applications), and Beckon, a 60 minute.53.5meter body/gesturetracking solution (lounge applications). When it comes to commercialization goes, Omek is arguably playing catchup to Leap Motion. Intel has a long good name for checking out, and in most cases buying, developers of technologies it thinks can drive demand for more potent CPUs, and perhaps help build an ecosystem around them. (Apple/PrimeSense)


Google (GOOG 0.6%) has approached TV network owners about offering a Webbased TV service, the WSJ reports. Intel (INTC) has similar ambitions, and also has unsurprisingly discover opposition from payTV providers wishing to maintain the status quo. Moreover, a newcomer such as Google (or Intel) will should pay steeper prices than incumbents. But once Google manages to get a great project up and running, YouTube could prove a substantial delivery/marketing vehicle, and gives an excellent way to bundle online video media. '14, PC http://oakley-sale.webpaper.co/ industry sources tell Digitimes. Previous roadmaps indicated Kaveri, which is certainly created for midrange desktops and midrange/highend notebooks, would launch at the end of 2013. AMD provides launch two other 28nm CPU platforms by 1H14: a Steamrollerbased server CPU line codenamed Berlin, along with an ultrabook CPU line codenamed Beema. Beema uses AMD's existing Jaguar architecture, and stands to the recentlylaunched Kabini. Intel (INTC) launched its powersaving 22nm Haswell CPUs recently; 14nm Broadwell CPUs need the new year.


AMD (AMD +10.9%) continues rocketing higher after catching upgrades from BofA/Merrill and Canaccord, and appearance to remain giving a good start to Intel (INTC +2.6%) during the trip. BofA's Vivek Arya joins a lot of analysts (previous) touting AMD's Xbox One/PS4 design wins, declaring they are able "transform AMD straight into a profitable, diversified company having multiyear recurring revenue stream, far from its inconsistent past under Intel's shadow." Canaccord's Bobby Burleson demands a similar view, and argues AMD can outperform "PCcentric names" オークリー 偏光 (http://oakleysg2014.webpaper.co) as embedded chip sales ramp. 15.3% of AMD's float was shorted since June 14.


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Global PC shipments fell 10.9% Y/Y in Q2 to 76M, estimates Gartner. That's nearly regardless of the 11.2% drop the firm estimated for Q1, and supports http://oakleysg2014.webpaper.co recent analyst commentary (I, II). shipments fell just one.4% Y/Y, and rose 8.5% Q/Q; Gartner thinks it was thanks to enterprise strength. EMEA shipments 16.8%, AsiaPac 11.5%. Affected companies: MSFT, INTC, DELL, HPQ, STX, WDC, MU, AMD, NVDA. shipments 1.9%.


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Nokia (NOK +2.5%) was working on a Windows RT (MSFT +0.3%) tablet set to file for captured, but cancelled the work to concentrate on establishing a Windows 8 tablet, The Verge reports. Leaked pictures in the shelved RT device suggest it had a 10" display and 4G connectivity. OEM involvement in ARMbased (ARMH) RT tablets happens to be waning as a result of weak initial sales, a lack of support for older Windows apps, also, the accessibility to Win. 8 tablets with the form factors (thanks to Intel's Clover Trail Atom CPU). Hunt for Nokia's Win. 8 tablet to implement Intel's (INTC) upcoming Bay Trail Atom CPU.


More Evercore's downgrade of Intel (INTC 3.9%): Analyst Patrick Wang cares about stillweakening PC trends, peaking chip prices, and also potential of Atom CPUs to cannibalize Core CPUs. Meanwhile, fellow Evercore analyst Rob Chira now expects PC sales to fall 10% Y/Y, worse rather than a prior 6%. Citi's Glen Yeung, that has cut his Q2 Intel revenue forecast to $12.61B from $12.9B (consensus are at $12.89B), says notebook production has become weak and Intel's backend (assembly/test) supplier orders were flat to down 5% in Q2. (IDC on PC sales)


Intel (INTC) is "engaged in intensive negotiations" when using the Israeli government about investing a different $10B in the land, says a government official. $7B might possibly be spent over A decade to improve the latest fab with the capital of scotland- Kiryat Gat, and $3B would be spent to upgrade Intel's existing Kiryat Gat fab. Intel, which remains spend heavily on capex, has invested $10.5B in Israel over the past A, and he has received $1.3B in national grants. The chip giant also a local Micron (MU) fab that's attributable to be shuttered.

Mellanox (MLNX +1.7%) strengthens its 100G hand some more by acquiring IPtronics, a Danish maker of components for highspeed optical interconnects, for $47.5M in cash. Mellanox says the sale, which follows its May acquiring silicon photonics interconnect firm Kotura, can help it deliver "endtoend optical interconnect solutions at [100G] and beyond." Both purchases appear aimed towards fighting the longterm threat presented by Intel (INTC), which (by making usage of acquisitions) would like integrate InfiniBand controllers onto its server CPUs, and bake 100G silicon interconnects into its server platforms..