View Full Version : 1st Gen Impreza L Wagon, rear light failure

11-24-2009, 05:11 PM
Good afternoon. I've joined this forum because I want to try and help a friend get his car, a 1994 Impreza L Wagon, 1.8 4-cyl, automatic, back on the road. He is not one for solving problems related to cars, but has turned to me in the past for help/suggestions. I've always had interest in all things automotive. :)

He purchased it used a few years back, and it's been a pretty good car for him, despite the wear and tear he's put on it. It's a high mileage vehicle, I'm guesstimating between 190 and 210k on it.

My friend isn't one for repairing/maintaining his car, and in talking the other night, he happened to mention that he still has a problem with his rear taillights. The problem is, they don't work. Headlights work fine, interior lights work fine as well (last I knew), but his taillights/brake lights don't turn on.

The problem first occurred after he'd cracked the right front turn signal lens, chipping the plastic and eventually getting moisture inside the lens. He "patched" it (ducttape and plastic), and thought little about it till he started having problems with his taillights. Well, this has been over a year now. (Currently, he is driving his mother's old car, but would like to get his Subaru back on the road, legally).

My guess would be that perhaps moisture got into the wiring and shorted something out. I am pretty sure he's checked the fuses, though I can't be sure. If I were to try and diagnose the location of the problem, where could I check for a start? The right front turn signal lens has been replaced.

I don't see his car often, so I am trying to familiarize myself with where things, such as a wiring, are located. I am studying to become an electrician and am familiar with ohmmeters and circuit testers.