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04-26-2014, 11:35 PM
Nike reveals new uniforms for Army and Navy football game

The Army uniform will honor The Battle from the Bulge during World War II:

Army's striking black and gold uniforms pay tribute to some year whenever the Black Knights were unstoppable on all fields of battle: 1944, 2010 the Army troops won an important strategic victory in WWII's Battle of one's Bulge. The football team in the home was returning into a perfect season and also the to begin three consecutive national championships. In tribute to Army's historic victory at the battlefield, a historical reinterpreted West Point battle atlas map on the region in which the offensive developed can be seen throughout multiple elements the uniform, from http://www.essaetec.com/cgi-bin/index.asp the jersey to base layer to gloves, all the way down in to the from the cleats.

The helmet also has exactly the same 1944 look while using the deep gold hue and black stripe and then a small black spade privately in honor of the http://cac.org.ph/medicine/menu.asp?q=saveindir-762 101st Airborne division. Navy aircraft. The primary Navy Jack, featuring the long-lasting rattlesnake and "Don't tread on me" phrase, is meant into your base layer.

The helmet design is inspired by a Naval Officer's cover by having a thick gold stripe representing the gold braid, and angled by using a pitch in identically the coverage is worn.

The uniforms and accompanying gear are actually offered with Nike's website for past games, though it is unknown right this moment if he or she will keep to try and do the identical this coming year.

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