View Full Version : 91 wagon fwd Rear Alignment Problem????

06-09-2008, 05:21 PM
Hey Guys,

I just signed up here in hopes for solving a couple problems Im having with My 1991 subaru legacy wagon fwd.

I hit a dead deer back in Nov 07 and it knocked out my front alignment which I had fixed but all winter this car was down right scary to drive on my 80mi a day commute. I am constantly counter steering due to something being messed up in the back end and it swaying back and forth. I just dealt with it all winter and then noticed that the inside of both rear tires were bald. The tires were a year old but there was plenty of tread on the center and outside of each tire it's just that the insides were totally worn. On Feb 6 I bought 2 NEW tires and the insides of the rear tires were completely bald within 2 months. I talked to the guys at the garage and they said there is no way to align the back end and the only option would be to tear the wheel assembly apart and shim it to bring the top of the tires out so they wear evenly.

This seems a bit rediculous to me. I could probly use new struts. Could bad struts be the problem? The car only has 143k on it but if I can't get this problem figured out before winter Im going to have to get different vehicle cause it just isn't safe in the condition it's in.