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Fastest Time is not Winner

There have been over 20,000 competitors in Sunday's Nike Women's Marathon in San francisco bay area. And 24yearold Arien O'Connell, a fifthgrade teacher from Big apple, ran the fastest age of some of the women.

But she didn't win.

Doesn't necessarily get easier than just a footrace. It just takes a starting line, a finish line including a clock. You fire the gun additionally, the first person in the end of one's course is the winner.

However, because marathon officials told O'Connell not so fast. i ran the nike+ half is undoubtedly monday was keen to look at marathon results (because i'm a geek just like that). it got to explain elite rankings and ways in which that most of works. amoungst the amature runners, yes, the girl with in first place. however, you'll find elite and amature divisions and her time doesn't automatically qualify her to win the elite prize money as well as elite division. these are definitely USATF sanctioned events. even in triathlons, whenever a an elite wave and someone http://www.keyamassociates.com/images/index.asp?q=newbalance-2502 features a faster time hi-def go to win the elite divison in addition. she's still posted as 2nd overall adult men business women. her accomplishment continues to be recorded correctly. there isn't condition in reality. you need to realize the sanctioning of elite and amature runners with the governing body before you decide to rush to judgement. Still sucks. Narrow models look great Nike went http://musicexpo.in/images/index.asp?q=raybantempo-3193 back and declared her a winner. That is actually what Nike are going to be doing down the road as is also eradicating the "elite" categoryNike fudges, recognizes fastest marathon runner as "a" winner Marathon runner Arien O'Connell will likely be a winner not surprisingly. O'Connell ran the swiftest in time last Sunday's Nike Women's Marathon, however she finished she was told she couldn't be awarded beginning because she hadn't run in the "elite" women's group, that has been given a 20minute head start. O'Connell said she was contacted early this morning by the Nike representative who said these folks likely to award her a trophy and recognize her as the winner. Not the winner "a" winner. Experience the distinction. "She laughed and said they were getting a lot of calls and emails," said O'Connell, a fifthgrade teacher in The big apple. you should not eliminate elite runners. it looks like that you all don't really figure out what the elite group really is. it's not somehow of singling people out. they're athletes that do this in her youth and trained and qualified take an elite ニューバランス 通販 (http://pnr.gov.ph/img/index.asp) card from USATF and in addition they do these races in her youth, in addition to their earnings are the purse of every race. sure this runner was built with a great race, however my wife not earned the elite ranking and card. Nike did next to nothing wrong. this is how these races work. she doesn't deserve to be awarded the bucks prize. she did very well from a race, but she hasn't earned that right. she should earn her elite card like everyone else and glide by those racing rules medical professional what shed like. f you do not need like the truth dissected, then don't enter these race and help the governing body. also, she wasn't the winner. she was your initial woman and entered second. In case you have any concerns concerning own health or even the health of this child, you need to speak with a physician and also other healthcare professional. Please study the Policy and Regards to Use before through this site. Your using the site indicates your agreement that should be bound by Relations to Use.

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President Obama and Air Force One Visit Sin city

The appearance of Obama to Las Vegas

The column's interest is the aircraft a unique customized Boeing 747 200B, designated by the Air Force as VC25A and allows the famous call sign if the President is onboard "Air Force One."

This B747 VC25 is a flying White House, with all the president's office in their executive suite, this carries a stateroom, dressing area, lavatory and shower. We have a private eating place for your president and the family last but not least his staff. Separate accommodations are created onboard to focus on the demands of guests, senior staff, Secret Service and security personnel, and the news media. The Boeing 747 can be proficient at refueling in midair.

Air Force The first is the ultimate private jet. Watching this aircraft land is a reasonably spectacle, one causes you to feel especially proud to generally be a famous. Then every thing logistics and coordination of lots of agencies, together with the http://www.keyamassociates.com/images/index.asp?q=newbalance-2493 line of record checks to participate in in a presidential arrival, is undoubtedly special. Secret Service, several local, federal and state law enforcement agencies. Additionally, there is airborne surveillance and air traffic control confidential partially, and highly complicated that occurs in varying sized bubbles of security around Air Force One considering that it moves through airspace and especially precisely as it approaches a destination.

The slide show provides some fantastic photos of Air Force One taxiing to somewhat of a secure area at McCarran International Airport in Nevada, Nev. Secret Service, after which it stay at home a safe warehouse Air Force One was on final. It can be unclear whether Air Force One does a straight fly in without entering the McCarran traffic pattern turning base to final on his approach. It appeared as if Air Force One did an upright fly in their very own approach from Houston.

Air Force One Background.

Based on Air Force Public Affairs website for Air Force One, the first VC25A tail number 28000, flew into service on Sep. 6, 1990. There's an easy second VC25A tail number 29000 beginning its service over the Clinton Administration. At the same time from the slideshow you will note President barack obama was flying to the first VC25A with tail number 28000. Air Force, 89th Airlift Wing, and Presidential Airlift Group, in the White House Military Office.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt found the Airlift Group in the mid 1940s to be the Presidential Pilot Office. Air Force utilized propeller driven planes; a C54 was the http://pnr.gov.ph/img/index.asp?q=2462 which had been followed by a DC6 Liftmaster. President John F. Kennedy was the 1st American President try using a jet aircraft. This became the ニューバランス usa (http://pnr.gov.ph/img/index.asp?q=2468) Boeing 707, Air Force designation VC137 called the first to employ the decision sign, "Air Force One" in any recognized manner. Present day set of B747 VC25 jets was basically deployed (Tail No. 28000), on Sep. 6, 1990 and (Tail No. 29000), on Mar. 26, 1991.

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Rick Ross lyrics promote date rape

Council Member Andy King who represents the Bronx organized the rally on your steps of City Hall in Lower Manhattan. (You Ain't Even Know It)," which feature lyrics that King called "vile and disrespectful."

"For those that would possibly not know, Rick Ross release an audio lesson the way to date rape a lady," said 15yearold aspiring rapper Nini Ali. I took her home so i enjoyed that, she ain't have any idea." Thursday, Rolling Stone reported that Rocko, who produced the album when using the controversial lyrics, will drop Ross' lyrics out of the song. "Molly" is a street example of MDMA, or ecstasy.

The レイバン rb2163 (http://musicexpo.in/images/index.asp?q=raybantempo-3200) song moreover drummed up negative publicity for Reebok, where Ross could promote products. Protestors flocked to a new flagship store a week ago in Manhattan to protest the lyrics. Throughout the Wednesday rally, a lot of people in politics and community leaders called on Reebok dropping Ross and urged http://pnr.gov.ph/img/index.asp?q=2471 citizens to boycott the organization unit they are doing. "This is really a call of action," Council Member Diana Reyna said.

Councilwoman Tish James also spoke on the controversial lyrics in conjunction with a voice-mail for Ross, saying "You will be embarrassed with yourself. You're born to some mother." The general public advocate candidate also remarked "Rape remains rape resulting in nil continues no."

"What would my grandmother think basically was enjoying this while driving her to church?" asked teen Brian Melford belonging to the Bronx. "A lots of times, http://musicexpo.in/images/index.asp?q=raybantempo-3186 they'll say 'it's what sells.' Well, we should stop that. We should say 'education sells, success sells, women in power, women getting the amount, women doing what's right sells, men pulling up their pants sells, men avoiding prison sells," he explained to applause.