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Sykkylven Scandinavian Furniture

Scandinavian furniture holds roots strongly towards a specific region in Norway called Sykkylven which is actually a a part of the Sunnmre area. Not only does this region develop the picturesque Sunnmrsalpene mountains and Hjrundfjord fjords but may also be quite well recognized for its furniture industry. In this article we'll have a look at this region and then the importance it includes not simply over the men and women in el born area but in the products they can make and distribute all over the world as well.

Sykkylven is known as a municipality of approximately 7,500 residents that covers a 337 square km area at the southwestern element of Norway. What is actually pretty interesting regarding it region is most individuals is active in the production of furniture. In your 1930's is where this field truly begun focus on furniture manufacturing. Besides making furniture most of these manufacturers were also interested in manufacturing furniture components too. Whole generations of craftsmen have honed their skills in furniture construction and designs in Sykkylven throughout the many decades. This really probably why the spot manufacturers happen to be so successful to produce and creating quality furniture. A few of the largest furniture manufacturers in Sykkylven are Ekornes, Hjellegjerde and Brunstad.

Ekornes began in Sunnmre by Jens Ekornes in 1934. He began out company producing steel spring components many different furniture and mattress manufacturers. He soon create his very own distinctive line of mattresses that may end up called Svane mattresses in 1938. By their success in mattresses, yet slowly move the company forward right after they would begin producing wooden furniture components and next foamed plastics. This experience with building furniture components would result in the creation of his signature Ekornes furniture brand in 1966. Followed up by your successful launch of his Stressless recliner, introduced in 1971. Today, Ekornes units are purchased in over 30 countries.

Hjellegjerde began by two brothers, Otto and Mindor Hjellegjerde in 1941. They began their company while in the cellar premises from the Hjellegjerde family. The cellar would see several extensions レイバン ジャッキー·オー (http://www.zushi-kaisei.net/blog/basket/data/upfile/112-1.html) to generate room for production which could eventually lead the firm to construct a factory which is certainly located directly surrounding the fjord with the Ekornes factory. Hjellegjerde upgraded its facilities in 1983 and produced a modern production facility which allowed them to access the international market. Hjellegjerde products including Fjords are sold across three continents.

Brunstad began by Hjalmar Brunstad whilst was 22 years. A furniture maker shortly fater he began the particular business in their small basement workshop in 1941. The manufacturer would grow from his desire http://www.smashxsmash.jp/JML/news/data/upfile/37-1.html to build up furniture through the best materials available and utilizing only real wood which have been manufacturing standards still applied by the provider today. Brunstad continues its strong furniture traditions and it is managed by Hjlamar Brunstad's son Helge Brunstad.

Outlined in this article we've found the Sykkylven region of Norway along with the part they have played in assisting to be one of the main furniture manufacturing hot spots around the world. One of several top brands found here such as Ekornes, Hjellegjerde and Brunstad the room itself concentrates heavily on furniture design and manufacturing as many of the place human population are convinced of making furniture. It is no surprise why these companies have enjoyed a whole lot of success standard a superior percentage of folks i have worked in furniture for generations. And whenever you http://www.zushi-kaisei.net/blog/basket/data/upfile/80-1.html hear Sykkylven you'll want to surely imagine quality Scandinavian furniture..