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Puma Punku ruins and Ezekiel

The Puma Punku are merely among four structures through the ancient town of Tiahuanaco (South usa) and so are believed to be the oldest, and the majority of baffling ruins evidently of the planet. And the second three structures are: The Akapana Pyramid, the Kalasasaya Platform, along with the Subterranean Temple. These structures are confounding and interesting to say the least.

Archeologists believe Puma Punku was actually a structure to get a great wharf in addition to a massive four part structure. There seems to be evidence to aid the claim on the cataclysmic flood that can have occurred around 12,000 a long time ago. Scientific proof of tools, bones, and various material within flood allluvia, implies that a civilized everyone was there previous to any flood. Also, there's proof of bearded people which are usually not Andean.

The stones in Puma Punku are more than granite, and diorite, as well as only stone that's harder than those two will be the diamond. Whether they didn't use diamonds to mow the stones, what did they normally use? Plus, one stone alone is 800 tons (sources differ saying 200450 tons). Manner in which, these will be hard for us how you can build, if even possible. Plus, the closest quarry was ten miles away. on the Ice Age. You can get folks who feel Puma Punku is a least 14,000 yoa. But despite the fact that we not able to make sure that within the age, we do understand the builders on this sophisticated structure could actually make exact cuts during the stones 1 cm deep, not one millimeter removed from edge to edge. In addition they cut stone in such a perfect technique we can interlock them for greater strength (the same as Legos).

When you think about Easter Island is unexplainable, astronauts claim expertise in UFOs, and also you add Puma Punku in the mix, possibly there is any answer with the exception of extraterrestrials have been visiting us for just a stretch of time? And just firstly, the definition of we attending do about Roswell, New Mexico and Sedona, Arizona with the encounters and witnesses?

Josef F. Blumrich, former NASA engineer who taken part in the design of Skylab, left NASA so he could devote himself to review concerning extraterrestrial visitors in the past.

Mr. Blumrich got down to debunk the reasoning presented http://tambuyog.org/cgi-bin/news/main.asp?q=344 inside CHARIOTS From the GODS, and been found along with a rational, well presented case for those UFO phenomenon and understanding of ancient visitors using worlds. He actually created a prototype of Ezekiel's spaceship so we learn as part of his book, THE SPACESHIPS OF EZEKIEL, that with the first chapter of Ezekiel, he can have indeed been talking about an encounter with extraterrestrials.

Advantages and drawbacks only intended to be a topical search on the main topic of extraterrestrial encounters. The topic is way deeper than we have space for here. However, the ruins of Puma Punku are very intriguing don't explore as well as some believe they have to be about the standard of the favorable Pyramids or Easter 梨花 ニューバランス 996 (http://www.kokoro.jpn.org/kokorodiary/skin/index.php?q=2248) Island. You have got to research for your own behalf and produce your individual decisions on whether extraterrestrials are interacting with us and if they have already some words of wisdom for my family.

There was much in news bulletins lately relating to the Goldilocks planet and NASA's discovery of http://www.midascosmetic.com/pics/index.asp?q=305 thrice plenty of more stars than we previously thought. Maybe our company is searching through the glass darkly, and in addition we will want to open our mind up to a plausible answer, not just to Puma Punku, nonetheless the Easter Islands, Roswell, New Mexico, et cetera. Precisely what we (or even the government) petrified of? Reality shall set us free.