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03-30-2014, 10:33 AM
The American Music Awards 2009

This can be a 37th Annual AMA awards show. The top's commences with Red Carpet images for many stars around the Nokia Theater in New york. George Panachio announces the after party around the Congo Room in Hollywood. Janet consistantly improves shadows while the music for actually starts to play. The dancers get into motion and Janet is a brown and green outfit. She looks fierce and he or she starts singing. She glides surrounding the stage as a super model on roller skates. Windmill type lights mobile also, the dancers navigate around briskly to the beat for the music. Janet hip hops throughout the stage singing a medley of her hits. excuses have you employed for me Lately you Much Something i Do plus more ! dance tunes because the lights flash plus more ! visuals in http://www.kacpertech.com/includes/index.asp?q=1762 the background into the finale tune. Janet performs well and gets to be a standing ovation.

Next Paula Abdo walks on stage within an elegant black designer dress that reaches over the floor. Paula gave the initial award with the evening to Eye Peas for Pop/Rock Band or Duo That was their 6th AMA award. Then the commercial break.

As soon as the break a subsequent award joined Rascal Flatts for Country Band/Duo Group. He did this their 5th AMA award. Shakira performs. She looked and sounded great. Fantastic act. She had a troop of dancers on stage and dancing in the aisle while Shakira sang and moved with the dancers. The audience cheered. Commercial break.

The other talent is Keith Urban performing wanna Kiss A gal He rocked! Then Reba McIntyre 15 time AMA award winner introduced Kelly Clarkston who performed her new hit song wowing the target audience with her http://www.kacpertech.com/includes/index.asp songbird vocals. The gang cheered! Commercial.

ARod was the following presenter in which he introduced Jay Z and Alicia Keyes to execute their new song together. With full orchestra and Alicia on piano Jay Z was masterful using his Rap and Alicia vocalizing and celebrating Chicago in song. The viewers cheered! Christian Slater of Forgotten TV Show was the next presenter and introduced Day that you perform and win Alternative Rock Artist This is their 3rd AMA award. They appeared to be viewers favorite. Commercial break. The Jackson Family Dynasty Hudson and Nicole Kidman were next presenters and gave EyePeas Most common Gangster rap Band award. Fergie looked and sang sexy, gorgeous look along with her black hair. She wails her vocals much like me did his thing. The bunch was fantastic. One other Michael Jackson won Favorite Soul R Artist. Jermaine Jackson accepted for Michael. Obvious Michaels 22nd AMA award. The viewers cheered! Commercial.

Then the Country Western Male Artist is awarded to Keith Urban his first AMA award. Beyonce won Soul R Artist. Neo was the second presenter and introduced Rhianna. She did a high tech eclectic performance. The gang applauded. Commercial break.

Rascal Flatts introduced Carrie Underwood to operate. She was fantastic. The target audience cheered. Kesha, preformed and boy did she perform. She broke glass around the piano, the top end with the piano was on fire. Her vocals were great! She'd great background visuals being carried out as she weaved her magic with the song. Such a talent! The gang roared! Commercial break. Bud Light, Find Our grandkids, The Morgan trailer and MasterCard.

Three performers introduced Mary J. Blige who performed very well and show good too. The group cheered big. Then Breakthru Artist award was given to Glorianna. It has been their 1st AMA award. Jennifer Lopez was the subsequent performer. She got into the theater dressed much like a prize fighter. Jay Lo dances basic attitude together with a good vocal performance that wowed the competition. The finale Jay Lo and her dancers walk off stage out directly into the aisle then disappears with a cloud of smoke. Great show. Great performance. Thumbs up she scored a knockout. Commercial.

Samuel L. Jackson, was the subsequent presenter and gave Whitney Houston the Artist of the year Award Whitney performed. She looked elegant and healthy by using a full orchestra and choir behind her. Whitney sang well but expect better from her in the foreseeable future. Because the girl with Whitney Houston posessing wowed us for many years. The audience gave her a thunderous applause. Commercial.

Taylor won the subsequent award for Country Female Michael Jackson won Pop/Rock Artist Male This has been Michael record setting 23rd AMA award. Jermaine Jackson accepted this award also. Alicia Keyes performed next, she'd good vocals with dancers hiphopping and gyrating around her. She sits from the piano with the finale because piano is revolving round and round. Commercial. Products and ABC promos.

Eminen and 50 Cent perform next. Eminen weaves his mastery of rap in to the funky beats and 50 Cent comes in with his prolific lyrics. There had been great visual backgrounds and Eminen finishes strong. Timberland performed next and did dark rhymic verses with two female artists (Nelly Furtado and Sunshine)with smoke and fascinating visuals in private. The dancers had the structure and dance steps レイバン rb2140 (http://www.midascosmetic.com/img/basic/default.asp?q=rb-1720) as Timberland moved his large body down the stage. The group cheered. Commercial.

Following your break Day performed great visuals together with a rousing applause. Jay Z got his 2nd AMA award. Then Taylor Swift got of the year award. Finally Adam Lambert debut performance. He is the eventual performer. He sings great! He moves right. Great outfit, gritty, soulful, polished vocal performance. Ryan Seacrest was the closing host. He thanked everybody and bid goodnight.