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03-26-2014, 01:13 PM
cushioning and sturdiness

The Puma Faas 800 could be the latest entry inside the Faas collection, footwear having each of the making use of your Puma's BioRide Technology, to durability, cushioning and support.

Each Faas shoe is designed with a different sum of FaasFoam, a lightweight combination of foam and rubber. The better the number, better cushioning the shoe has. The Faas 300, such as, is advertised being a neutral racer. With less FaasFoam, they weigh in at 6.9 ounces within a women's size 8.

Just like the other Faas shoes I've reviewed, the 500 along with the 550, the 800 has slipperlike comfort away from the box. As you move the 500 is perfectly neutral, the 800 incorporates a supportive feel without being too rigorously or stiff.

As opposed to going advanced, the 800 gets its stability from "a catch (wall) and release (grooves) system that guides the foot perfectly into a neutral position," as per レイバン サングラス 名古屋 (http://www.tecnomic.com/pages/index.asp?q=rayban-1708) the shoe's literature. Puma calls it "pure geometry" with regard to. Despite that I do not quite grasp the science, the equipment worked for me, correcting for my overpronation.

The top is completed mostly of any highly breathable mesh, with synthetic suede accents. http://arabianincentive.com/styles/default.asp?q=nb-1606 Because always run in socks, the top of was definitely comfortable enough to look sock free. The toe box is really a lot wider as opposed in your 500, giving your toes room to splay without having to be cramped.

My only beef considering the Faas 800 stands out as the styling. The 500 is blessed which has a cool, retro, oldschool look. The 550 is much more traditional but comes into play a range of http://arabianincentive.com/styles/default.asp?q=nb-1564 bright colors. The 800 is a more bland. But provided that you should not opted for shoe in addition it looks, my complaint is small. Puma just spoiled me while using other shoes during the collection.

Styling aside, the 800 is my personal shoe within the Faas line concerning fit, feel and stability. It could be about the heavier side of this spectrum, but just what shoe gains in cushioning and support really should be worthy of the extra weight to overpronators.