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The Widely Used Air Cushion Shoes System of Nike

The former Nike air cushion was formed within the resilient synthetic rubber layer which formed by pouring the atmosphere gas perfectly into a resilient synthetic rubber within a questionable. AirSole was belong to the "modest' kind, because its modest performance in cushioning ability, stability performance and reaction http://murathanmungan.com/news/news.asp?q=578 speed performance. This technology is commonly used within running shoes today.

Visible AirSole: This kind of air cushion came to be the AirSole straight into a visible type, just like the heel part of Jordans 3 was implemented this visible AirSole. Being thought to be the transitional form between AirSole and Max Air, Visible 180 AirSole can perform a very good damping force and also a perfect visible impact.

The first Air Max was introduced in of 1994, which appeared while the shape much like the Ushaped, and changed into multisealed chamber Air Max together with the tracheashaped Tube Max Air. It a multiinterval, multiple pressures, low pressure zone pressure 5PSI, highpressure zone pressure 25PSI. Air Max cushioning ability was very オークリー フラックジャケット (http://murathanmungan.com/news/news.asp?q=585) strong, can offer appropriateness protection in your feet including your knees, but may increase the risk for diminished machine power. Trainers and basketball shoes were always adopted such a technology.

The only real 48mm thickness air cushionZoom Air was a cloak cushion from a threedimensional fabric to keep its flat shape, instead of it may well select a ball shape, in the air pressure of 20PSI. The damping effect with an excellent sensation of site sensitive rebound effect and ideal acceleration, Zoom Air was widely used in extensive outside basketball shoes (for instance FLIGHT series, the AJ series), and speed of sneakers (along the lines of Air zoom Miler). The external Zoom Air cushion isn't perfect in the damping ability, its capacity has also been increased.

Turnes Air cushion was obviously a hemisphereshape cushioning system which can produce a maximum force protection, stable and comfort foot feeling, quite possibly the most eyecatching place was that the variable hemisphereshape shoe body can changing the environment pressure based on its demand. TN Air contained the PBAX thermoplastic material which might gives a fast reflection, rubbing, and, flexible and suitable feet feeling for the appropriate thickness characteristics, its hemispheric body pressure was 20PSI also, the cushion pressure was 5PSI.

The complete Air cushion is actually being the enlarged type of the Max Air, with their forefoot grow one.5 cm. Total Air Foamposite Max, namely "Steel", was the most common instance of Total Air Cushion.

SHOX: The special highly elastic foam materials (advanced PU materials) damping elastic column and double TPU trays jointed the Midsole mechanical damping technology. SHOX made use of in the basketball and running footwear were with many roles. SHOX system can grant perfect damping performance, but folks who are with the weight of 70kg are not able to have obvious feeling, which product widely used in all categories of trainers. IMPAX was the SHOX simplified version, which would not adopt the columnar bottom, and since a substitute, the horizontal punch technology had been employed to achieve the effect of damping and stability.

IPS got its start specifically by Nike for those new damping technology of Nike air jordans XX, by http://murathanmungan.com/news/news.asp?q=592 using 20 pieces Phylon material with many density, thickness, size and site, made the relatively independent and organic complexes cylindrical shock absorber.7.8 2false.