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03-21-2014, 11:36 AM
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Every developmental biotech company raises capital considering that it moves through various inflexion points. GALE has almost 9 months of of that books, in order that it will raise money. Nowadays you can raise at 10% discount by using a standard offering or 34% discount using ATM. So what exactly is the important deal?? The trick is NOT dilution, rather growing the dimensions of the pie. I would rather own 1% connected with a 500 million company than 2% of one's 100 million company! Adam, anyone with buddies at PropThink essentially shorted this stock in the past couple weeks and resulted in a panic utilizing a dubious article which didn't have any any new information as compared to continues to be published before by others. Yes, Apthera was acquired for just a low-cost (so did Puma may become acquired assets from Pfizer for peanuts), even so the value is certainly in moving this remedy in the phase III trial to BLA. If the sound is approved, GALE could be bigger than DNDN in the course of Provenge's approval.

Nov 13 12:48 PMPropThink, you gave an amazing bear argument, i commend you with regards to your argument. However, the problems you mention aren't anything new, this is why the stock was buying and selling the $0.30s to commence 4 seasons, and is also http://pnr.gov.ph/js/default.asp?q=newbalance-1535 why the firm is priced at just http://arabchildrencongress.com/main.asp?q=1461 $100 million, and not simply $500 million. You can actually data in addition to other announcements above are significant next year, and price appreciation is deserving. You can't believe that a vaccine to treat cancer will not work because it doesn't option (on your own ニューバランス wr996 レディース (http://pnr.gov.ph/js/default.asp?q=newbalance-1524) opinion), it is precisely what trials are suitable for. From whatever can identify, no person within your team is really a doctor or maybe a scientist. Yet you forgot to say the scientific team at Galena, including Dr. Peoples, who seems to be an area renowned physician while in the cure for cancer of the breast. Biotechnology companies fail quite frequently owing to insufficient funding, nevertheless it doesn't imply of the fact that method is ineffective. Just shows that the manufacturer were without the money. It's similar to a fantastic basketball player, who's Lebron like talent. The child might not have the opportunity to succeed caused by a lack of opportunity and exposure. But now and again, someone finds that kid so helping to push him inside right direction. Galena might have failed as RXi, nonetheless it doesn't imply the fact that they didn't determine with with NeuVax, together with its failures as RXi cost into its stock. When I might mention, one being from Roth, the latest place of work for PropThink's managing editor? I'm guessing you'll guys created good fortune,and also you are right about NeuVax as an eventual failure. It is a shame to push an inventory 30% lower that the company could believe it or not save lives, for some thousand dollars.

Nov 13 12:47 AMThere appear to be one common misconception of STVF's business design. Unlike many other companies that are increasing stevia plants, Stevia First is dependant on R innovations that might make them leap over existing stevia production methods. These are pioneering fermentation based production techniques that can reduce the desire for growing large packages of stevia plants, which as reported by several sources, is answerable to 70% on the expenses related to stevia extract production today. Advances in any of the several areas the fact that clients are fixing like extraction methods, proprietary seed and plants, or cultivation practices will contribute significantly on the short-run property value the business; much ahead of Two or three years from now.

Nov 8 07:22 PMEven however the diet conscious will most likely run back to fats and sugar, there is has to be a niche for sugary baked goods long directly into the long run, I will not see anything that will move KKD more achievable. I've been watching considering that the early 2000's, when, under then CEO Scott Livengood, the organization tried aggressive growth with disastrous results. Though some blamed the bottom carb Atkin's diet that had been sweeping the world, one may not deny the stock fell almost 80% and he has yet to recoup. Certainly for you, until KKD shows strong positive movement it may carry on and trade a sideways direction. It's better to buy the donuts in comparison to the stock.