View Full Version : New and need help !!!

10-15-2009, 07:54 AM
Hey guys im new to scooby and jap cars cum from a clio williams. Got a 95' WRX , it seems 2 run ok at 0.5 bar boost, but wen i turn it up 2 1bar 4 example get 2 bout 4grand and it jumps bout 3 times then powers thru the rest of the rev range ok. Its got a TDO5 turbo , i dnt no its thats standard or not !!

It deosnt seem overally faster than my williams , there must be sumink wrong, a mate said 2 get a better ecu 2 allow more fuel 2 be injected it, but i aint got a clue.

Another lad said it might be spark plugs but why would it only jump wen i put it above 0.5 bar

Any ideas ? thanks !!!