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Puma Technology's TranXit Wireless Infrared Connectivity Software that should be Bundled with Citizen America's PN60i Compact printer

SAN JOSE San Jose, city, United States

San Jose (s s h city (1990 pop. 782,248), seat of Santa Clara co., W central Calif.; founded 1777, inc. 1850. , Calif.(BUSINESS WIRE)April 10, 1996Puma Technologies have announced an understanding with Citizen America Corp. to bundle its industryleading TranXit(TM) wireless infrared file transfer and data synchronization Keeping data by 50 % or more computers uptodate so that each repository is the identical information. Data in handheld devices and laptops often require synchronization aided by the data within a desktop machine or server. software with Citizen's innovative pocketsized PN60i Mobile printer. The PN60i uses TranXit's wireless printing capabilities to transfer files from your laptop or desktop pc towards printer with the infrared (IR) connection. This agreement is considered the latest in Puma's many OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) The rebranding of kit and selling it. The word initially referred to the http://rmcc.org.in/ksicl2/index1.htm company that made the merchandise (the "original" manufacturer), but eventually became very popular to refer to the business that buys the merchandise and and bundling alliances auction web sites 40 industryleading manufacturers worldwide.

Weighing a particular pound, the PN60i stands out as the smallest, lightest and quite a few versatile laserquality printer that you can buy. It could print as many as two pages for each minute featuring its Thermal Fusion(TM) technology on plain paper, envelopes, labels and transparency film. The PN60i comes standard which has an international power adapter An external power for netbooks and easily about every portable or semiportable electronic device that you can purchase. Often called an "AC adapter," it includes a rectifier to convert AC current to DC with a transformer to transform voltage from 120 as a result of 9, 12, 15 or whatever is and may often be operated by an optional rechargeable battery A chargeable battery, generally known as a storage battery, can be described as list of 2 or more secondary cells. These batteries is often restored to full charge via the implementation of energy. or car AC adapter.

"Puma is happy to attempt this new relationship with Citizen," said Brad Rowe, Puma's president and CEO (1) (Ceo) The biggest individual in command of a gaggle. These president with the company, the CEO reports with the Chairman with the Board. . "TranXit brings the interoperability and adaptability to wireless printing, and also the Citizen PN60i Mobile printer employs TranXit's innovative wireless printing and data transfer capabilities. Together everyone is changing the paradigm of traveling with a laptop by permitting users to wirelessly print documents at any location."

Being the leading provider of http://rmcc.org.in/ksicl2/index1.htm highperformance infrared connectivity software solutions, Puma has designed its TranXit offerings fully keep to IrDA (Infrared Data Association See IrDA.

(standard, body) Infrared Data Association (IrDA) A nonprofit trade association providing standards to be sure the quality and interoperability of infrared (IR) hardware. ) specifications, thus ensuring interoperability across vendor platforms and platforms including Windows 3.1 and above, Windows 95, Windows For Workgroups A type of Windows 3.1 introduced in 1992 that added peertopeer networking. See Windows.

(os in this handset) Windows for Workgroups (WFW, WFWG) A sort of Windows 3.1 which fits with a network. Although standalone 3. and OS/2. Additionally, Puma may be the only company whose software supports each 115 Kbps Serial IR (SIR) and 1.2 Mbps Fast IR (FIR) IrDA standards. Puma also planned forthcoming support for one more generation of four Mbps computers and printers. TranXit certainly is the OEM sort of Puma's recently introduced TranXit(TM) Pro retail wireless connectivity software.

"We reckon that Puma's TranXit will help PN60i, the infraredcapable sort of our successful オークリー サングラス モンスタードッグ (http://www.uppsalasmuseer.se/img/default.asp?q=430) PN60 Compact printer," said Duane Yamashita, product marketing manager at Citizen America. "Mobile users utilize the printer's compact design, also now can engage in TranXit's data function to wirelessly print documents."

Citizen America Corp. is definitely a subsidiary of Citizen Watch Company, Ltd., the earth's largest manufacturer of watches together with other timepieces. Citizen America is actually a leading provider of midrange printers in North, Central and South American markets. Products include photorealistic color printers, portable and colorcapable dot matrix printers. The corporate is headquartered at 2450 Broadway, Suite 600, Santa Monica, Calif. 904043060, phone: 310/4530614, fax: 310/4532814.

Puma Technology is leading provider of highperformance wireless infrared connectivity solutions that permit users to easily exchange or access information and applications by a remote computer over both wireless and wired media. Puma product offerings keep it simplistic and inexpensive for users to transfer information and documents between computing devices and between computer systems and peripherals. The private company private company

Your plant whose shares are held within the relatively small circle of owners and are not traded publicly. is headquartered in San Jose, Calif. 0

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