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A discussion with PUMA Ocean Racing bowman Shannon Falcone

Falcone who might be an organization member with ORACLE Racing with the 34th America's Cup, designed to launch this summer in in Bay area august, announced that being chosen with the VOR was sheer luck. The 30year old native lives in Falmouth, Antigua, spent around the sport of sailing, making his debut for the tender time of 3 from Casablanca to PointePitre in this little dad's 44footer 'Caccia alla Volpe'.

No stranger to PUMA, Shannon was component of ニューバランス 996 ライトグレー (http://www.winjit.com/images/main.asp?q=1396) the group for ones 200809 edition on the race, within the trimmer and pitman for eight legs. This year, he was on BMW Oracle Racing's extended crew, winner in the 33rd America's Cup, and then he is really a area of the Mascalzone Latino (2000) and Luna Rossa (2007) America's Cup campaigns.

A: After an astounding departure from Itajai, Brazil, with tens of thousands of spectators, and a fabulous lap surrounding the bay, it has been excellent sailing. It was like another race and leaving Rio. We have away fast and then the boys have performed great work. We achieved it throw open just a little distance. So, hopefully it's good sailing all they way through the entire doldrums, and hopefully we're through there quickly. Once you're through, the trade winds should hold you, its a straight track to Miami. Irrrve never spent a lot of time about this boat, but the hope tends to be that boat speed is perfect and we also try to have a very wait control now we have.

Q: How are sailing within the Volvo Ocean Race and America's Cup racing different?

A: The racing is definitely different it's not easy to describe. It's like comparing Formula 1 to rally car racing. The Volvo is known as a team effort, and via the next thunderstorm since you join in a lap all over the world a feat itself. The America's Cup is crew against crew, therefore you think our prime intensity. The AC has changed now with the move to multihulls and also racing is shorter for television. So, the America's Cup is certainly a highintensity sprint, and the Volvo is an batman type endurance event. Two varies greatly disciplines.

Q: Mentally, find out how to prepare going offshore racing?

A: This time ways to faster and easier due to the fact when i know what's ahead having done the Volvo before. I do know what to look for. I am a pretty mellow variety of guy, and that's important if you live by the schedules any time you possess big gains or big losses, you need to ensure that your head in the technology race and be aware that you'll lose miles, and you will then gain miles on the other boats. Stay levelheaded with each meter counts. Being successful much time left for making gains back.

Q: Do you think living and sailing in Antigua will offer any added knowledge when you sail pretty in close proximity to home over the leg?

A: After you consider the map of your leg, I have been surprised the islands is simply small some of it. Brazil is very large, there's still an entire northeast coast of South American until we even get the latitude of Barbados. Local knowledge will definitely only inherited effect even as start sailing close islands, we don't even think we'll be on that track. But, maybe we'll see some friends to be sold and allow us some rum punch.

Q: If you had the chance, which boat would be your ideal to race?

A: Quite possibly the most fun boat I'd choose to go racing on usually the AC45s for business fun, super physical. That is what racing should be like very athletic and those boats are normally fast. Everyone has a lot to complete, your heart is certainly going 190 beats per minute. So, these days basically wanted to decide the most enjoyable boat to race, it will be the AC45.

Q: What do you do to wind down after and before racing?

A: I love spending time with friends, going out back home in Antigua, time at the beach, hearing good tunes, doing family. Music is large for me. Basically going out quite a bit of it, really.

Q: How do you keep active in family?

A: Connectivity on these Volvos is very good now. It certainly is not during the previous days for which you went away and also were disconnected for 9 months as you may sailed world wide. We perform receive emails, and may send emails to family. Also, the nav station, where the computers are, has people working doing it, getting us in the finish as quick as they possibly can. So, it's more a matter of having the ability to reply the emails from family. Also, typing when you find yourself doing 30 knots is reasonably difficult.

Q: What's against your iPod playlist? Any new music downloads for this particular leg on the race?

A: I didnt actually set up a good playlist to do this leg, but what's about it at this point Thexx, M83, Citizen Cope, FunkyFarmer, Daft Punk that's almost what Appears taking note of recent watches device. My partner and i big intends to download new music due to this leg I enrolled in iTunes match, so that all my music is up during the cloud. But, I didnt avoid to downloading anything before we left. Generally if i may possibly, I'd have gone for most ultra music festival hits from Miami I know employing vibe for South Beach. I think I'll get one or two songs on your iPod, so I shall be using those being received by the finish.

Q: What's your workout session routine? Attained switch the signal from organize sailing on PUMA's Mar Mostro?

A: My physical training have been very good ramping up for sailing on your AC72s over the next America's Cup with ORACLE Racing. So, using our traininer, Oscar, were focusing a good deal on functional strength, intense interval training, core stability. It is not for instance the old fashioned monohull static resistance training. The the degree of intensity is indeed high, and the recovery time so small. I've happen to be performing a great deal of cross fit. I had been online site Antigua very much through the winter, so I've just attempted adjust. It's to visit a gym with a hot country, thus leave and join in a many paddleboarding I had the PUMA/Laird Board, and it's also a fantastic activity for chest muscles strength, stability and cardio work, and fun. Did my routine change for sailing on Mar Mostro? In no way. I think I got in first rate shape. The difference is barely working away at many rehab. Any injuries or issues you could have, child have from the boat due to there being no possibility to rest. It's 24/7 at the work load, so I made sure I'd no injuries. Employed lots http://www.winjit.com/images/main.asp?q=1407 http://www.winjit.com/images/main.asp?q=1413 of stretching and yoga beforehand.

Q: Favorite foods? Both onshore and do you have a favorite freezedried meal yet?

A: Just good fresh food, a large amount of grilled fish and meat. Everything within the barbeque is sweet. Salads and fruit. I favor sushi looking forward to hitting up Nobu in Miami. Offshore favorite foods the roast chicken and mash freezedried is a good one. We've got a chicken jalfrezi, that's the rest of a curry spicy dish.