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04-26-2008, 09:14 AM
can someone explain me what kind of AWD use SUbaru on its cars (impreza WRX sti).

All I founf on the net is that is uses symetrical AWD and that it is superior AWD to other manufacturers AWD, but they newer explain if they use torsen, haldex, visco or other sorth as center element.

04-29-2008, 11:11 PM
there are differnt versions the manual trans has a viscous coupler that works a lot like posi trac in a rear diff the more pressure created as wheel speeds differ the more force that is applied to the end that starting to slip well ugh in thoery that is

Automatics use an electronically applied hydraulic clutch that is applied more aggressivly as wheel speeds differ front to rear.

And some late model Subarus use a gear ratio difference between the output shaft inside the tranny driving the rear wheels slightly faster than the front to increase a number of things. rally proven performance on this however it has its draw backs in some icy conditions we have a steel bridge near us its real hoot to drive over when its iced up with this option. Some owners may not concider sliding into oncoming traffic a hoot in icy conditions but its thrilling none the less

Combine this with low center of gravity high wieght of vehicles to vehicle size they do offer some of the most dynamic AWD models for the money