View Full Version : 2001 Legacy GT Engine Replacement?

04-23-2008, 05:40 PM
Hello All

A proud owner of an 01 Leg. GT 5 spd. Love this car. Anyway, just got it back from dealer for an oil/winter tire change and BAM....a list of problems have surfaced. BOTH head gaskets are leaking, driver side pistons are noisy (Replace) rear bushings, Oil pan, and I know I need a new clutch at least. OK, OK I have almost 210,000 KM (130,000 miles) so it is not a huge surprise, but the total bill will be pushing $4000-$5000 bucks. So the question is…How/were/should I replace the engine (were to get it?) or suck it up? This car is in GREAT shape (up ‘till now) no rust, dealer maintained…blah blah blah…Would love to hear some more experienced Subaru owners opinions….Thanks in advance:confused: