View Full Version : My car after it rains?

Rough Chop Tom
09-22-2009, 11:03 PM
Hi, I am a new member and also a new owner of a wrx sti.
I drive a 02 JDM WRX STI and am loving it!
However I have one problem. Whenever I park my car outside the garage overnight and it rains, the next day my car does not run properly.

The severity of what happens varies a bit from time to time, but usually it has a rough inconsistent idle, and weird throttle response. Then whilst driving - if I put it under any load, usually around 4-5000 rpm, all power seems to cut (similar to the feeling of a speed cut). I guess its a boost cut?

The small mods I have on it are an Apexi Pod filter with the Apexi neck, and a b.o.v.

Has anyone experienced this?