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08-20-2009, 10:09 PM
First i have to say im sorry to do this, Ive never been a person to do this to a company but im fed up and i dont want another person to have to go through what i did.

I brought my 99 GC8 w a ver 5.6 motor to Broken Motorsports in Union NJ to be swapped, w a 06 Sti motor i was providing. This was in the second week of July. Ahead of the original schedule, because Vince , Billy's partner said they would get a jump on the wiring before there rally. Which I though was really cool of them. I dropped the car off on a wendsday night and said here it is. Stupid as i was i forgot to give them the keys. So i drove back the next night to give the keys to them.

Week 1
The events that follow are just mind boggling. As the week went on they got the motor, which had to wait to be delievered because they needed a Ez lift to get the motor off the truck. (No biggie) As soon as they told me they had the motor I asked Vince AT LEAST 10 TIMES DID YOU CHECK THE MOTOR IS EVERYTHING THERE? ARE YOU SURE EVERYTHING IS THERE? I was told yes everything is here. (Never Checked) They went to there rally won. Great for them! I went there on monday to check how progess was going on the car and take pics. The motor was in the middle of being pulled. No wiring was removed or started to be removed. I have to mention i was paying for a rental car @ $475.42 a week.

Week 2
I recieved a phone call from Vince Stating that not everything was there. Unlike he had told me it was the week before. I called my guy and he shipped the parts. This is my guys fault, because he didnt ship all the parts on Vince's list that he was given. This further delay could have been avoided if they had checked everything when it was received like i asked the week before. The fact that they are so unorginized is main reason for the rest of the problems that will be listed below. I also want to note that prior to the car going there. There wasnt a scratch, ding or scuff . It has a brand new custom paint job of 3 months. I once again recieved another phone call From Vince stating that a peice of the wiring harness wasn't there either. I will again state that my guy screwed up. I had it shipped. But yet again if things were checked, this again could have been avoided. A day went buy and i called again to see how things were going. I Once again! was told parts were missing. These were not on the list for my guy. I called my guy Immediatly and had these parts over nighted at the cost of $170 dollars. No one was there to recieve them. Though Vince did go and pick them up the next day i was out $170 dollars for shipping the parts over night

Week 3
I want to start this week by stating that in originally conversations w/ having this swap done the car, the car would be back to me in a week and a half. I said to myself 2 weeks in case we ran into problems like what happened.

I was told my car was going to be ready on monday of this week i was so happy it was all over. At this point i was only a little bit angry w/ Billy and Vince. Part the problems that had accured to this point were my guys fault for not shipping all the parts on the list. Dealing w a company that does these specific swaps as there living, I would have expected more professionalism, orginization, and was surprised how sloppy their work was.

I called monday at 6pm to tell vince i was leaving to come get the car. He said that I couldnt due to. Yet another Peice missing to finish the car. I know for a fact this part was shipped and recieved. Later on they admitted to losing the part, only after i pushed the issue. To find out where the peice was. (Unorginization Yet again)

I then was told the peice would be there the next day. (Tuesday) The fact is the part got there on wendnesday and wasnt installed till i showed up on thurs. Before i left my house on thurs. night i called to speak w/ Vince once again to check that the car would be ready. I will now tell you that I live on Long Island NY, I have to travel through 2 tunnels and Manhattan to get to Broken Motorsports. Ive spent at least 130 dollars in tolls alone. Plus ive been paying for a rental car at $475.42 a week. I know that some of you will say thats just part of working on your car. Thats fine, but the way i was treated and the car was treated is uncalled for, and unprofessional.

I arrived at 10pm to pick up the car. The steering colum wast bolted in the car wasnt even close to being ready to go. I sat and waited for the car to be test drove till 1am. Going into this Vince and Billy were told that if a part needs to be replaced then do so just call me first. I expressed to them that i didnt want this to be a half fast build. I wanted it perfect. I will attach the email w the list of problems w the car so you can see.

Im going to end this w/ I took my wife and daughter for a ride down to the water when the fuel line exploded because they didnt replace it. When i asked why it wasnt replaced The words out of Vinces mouth and i quote "that it was the original line. Why would i do that" Just so you know it wasnt the original line it was something else but not the original line. Anyone would know this due to the fact it wasnt even fuel line. The bottom line due to there unorginization, and sloppyness myself and family could have been in a fatal accident. This is just unacceptable.
I spoke to Billy after this happened he told me he was very sorry for the problems i had to deal with and that he would do anything to make this right, Including comming to my house to work on the car. I just said i wanted my money back he agreed and said he would send me a check that was a week ago. Ive called emailed and havent even recieved an ans. Im reporting the to NJ better business bereau along w letting every one know what happened.

Here are the attached emails.
Hello Billy,
> Here is the list of things wrong w the car since i picked it up. I also
> included pictures so you can see what was done.
> Hopefully we can resolve this,
> Jon Mangano
> 1. No grommets in the fire wall
> 2. Intercooler piping on passenger side wasn't resecured
> 3. Improper fuel line used/never replaced
> 4. Power steering reservoir bracket never installed or was told that
> wasn't in the box that i had over nighted (paid around 170 dollars for no
> one to receive) If i was told you didn't receive it. I would of had you
> order and install.
> 5. Hoses ran improperly, Hacked in, not replaced or zip tied to look
> proper or even secured.
> 6. Was quoted a week and a half and it took 3 weeks for you to install a
> motor. I observed you in person install a whole drive train and motor in 4
> hours. While i was waiting for my car to be finished
> 7. Vince told me he was under a time constraint. "Usually we keep a car
> for 3 or 4 days to test and fix problem" Once again watched you install a
> Full Drive train in 4 hours. No reason when i showed up after 3 weeks the
> car wasn't ready to roll out the door. No one started workng on it till i
> got there. Tranny wasn't wired in.
> 8. Abs light on
> 9. Airbag light on
> 10. Radiator cap broken ( Replaced prior to delivery to your shop)
> 11. Wrx pedal installed in car instead of Sti because it was misplaced. I
> paid for a sti Pedal.
> 12. Asked to have the A/C installed in car never done. Don't know why?
> 13. Red cap on alternator missing (Safety Hazard and possible Damage to
> vehicle)
> 14. From Gas line leak and spraying all over the paint and intercooler
> piping have to respray entire intercooler piping instead of touch up.
> 15. Fire wall paint gone rubbed off etc. Now have to respray entire fire
> wall and engine bay, Due to various fluids leaking all over paint.
> 16. Turbo inlet never tightened
> 17. Intercooler couplings went in w T-Bolt clamps left w regular hose
> clamps. ($8ea.)
> 18. Steering shaft to rack upon arrival was never installed could of been
> fatal if wasn't caught
> 19. Scratches on passenger side rear bumper. Normally wouldn't say a word
> except paint is brand new and the car is never driven until this motor was
> installed.
> 20. Brake booster vacuum line was rubbing against intercooler piping and
> no one had any intentions of fixing.
> 21. Chips on fenders from where fender covers were
> 22. Pcv hoses w the top mount intercooler line missing was replaced w
> crappy white hose, once again if someone would have told me to either get
> it or i needed replacing i would have told you to install it.
> 23. Stuck a screw in a peice of hose and used as a cap and zipped tied it
> to the turbo inlet instead of using a 5 cent cap.
> Billy when this whole thing started vince told me it would take a week and
> a half. Look i understand that stuff happens, so for 2 weeks to swap a
> motor i can understand. 3 weeks is a bit silly. Vince also told me to
> bring the car in early so you could remove the old harness and send it
> out. So when you guys came back from the rally the car would be set to
> swap and i would be good to go by the weekend. Due to i guess
> unorginization everything got lost in the sauce. I showed up the following
> monday and the motor was just then being taken out. The way I was handled
> as a person was extrememly unprofessional, and the way my car was handled
> was extremely dangerous. For the amount of money that i paid ($2500 cash)
> the talent that it took to do the work that was done to the car, was worth
> about 500 dollars. My 3 mechanics friends and i spent the entire night
> looking over the car to come up with the above list. Not to mention that i
> had to pull over last night w my wife and 3 year old daughter because gas
> was spewing all over the motor and car. Thank god there was no fire and no
> one got hurt. But myself and family could have been seriously injured or
> killed and that is the bottom line.
> Heres the pictures.
> http://i273.photobucket.com/albums/jj218/mrsimplisto/023.jpg
> http://i273.photobucket.com/albums/jj218/mrsimplisto/024.jpg
> http://i273.photobucket.com/albums/jj218/mrsimplisto/025.jpg
> http://i273.photobucket.com/albums/jj218/mrsimplisto/026.jpg


Billy or Vince your more then welcome to reply i will lay all the cards on the table for everyone to see

i have more emails for you to see i have no problem showing both sides of the story

Jon Mangano

Please Beware

Now being told that they dont have enough money to give me my refund.

As of 8/20/09 8:53 pm

I don't know why billy has not got back to you. We are sending the check monday after we get paid for jobs. We currently have no money and finishing some jobs by this weekend. You will have it by mid next week. If you want a check tom...you are welcome to come get a post dated check.


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Jonathan Mangano wrote:


Ive tried muliple ways to contact you in regards to receive a reimbursment check (as agreed upon by you). Its been a week and a half since I spoke to you last. I have also tried to fix the abs and air bag to no avail. My next step is to report you to the better business bureau and let every forum know how Im being treated by you and your company. You told me you wanted this to be resovled fairly and that you felt badly about the way my car and I were treated and said you would do right by me. You've left me feeling wronged, and upset that you havent taken responsibility for the wrong that was done to my car. If you want to resolve this, contact me immediately because tomorrow afternoon I contact the the better business bureau. I will also be looking into seeing if you have a license for the work you have been doing to cars due to the fact that when I was there I did not see one displayed.

I truly hope you understand the seriousness of your silence. Your company is not one I would ever recommend to anyone ever again.

Hoping this can be resolved expediently,

Jon Mangano

09-29-2010, 09:46 AM