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08-17-2009, 01:55 PM
Hi all. I come from a very Subaru-ish family. My dad had a Brat when I was a kid and then a 4x4 wagon. My mom had at least two GL's in the eighties and is currently driving a 93 Impreza. My brother has had quite a few Subarus of various configurations. I currently drive a 96 Impreza. It's just a 1.8 Brighton, AWD, 5 speed. I bought it smashed and brought it back to life by combining two cars. The odometer was not working when I bought it, but she's got roughly 250K on the clock. Nothing for a Subaru. I've never had a performance Subaru but would like to someday. When I want to go fast I drive an 85 Mustang GT. Anyhoo, just figured I'd say hi and introduce myself. I need some help with my A/C so if you think you can help check out the tech section. Thanks.