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The Inspector Episode

The process of checking out new prototypes keeps the SRX Team busy for now. But their secure location actually is not really anytime the test is disrupted by the DC attack. What exactly is their objective?

What you Say

With lots of its central personnel lost during the war, the planet Federation Government is forced to rebuild, and Brian Midcrid, president on the Unified Colonies, takes the job in the president. In the emergency session in the Federation Diet, he publicly acknowledges a great extraterrestials, and reveals the era of the L5 campaign for the masses in what will later turn out to be named the "Tokyo Declaration". He procedes to state that these aliens pose an impressive threat to humanity.

The Review!

Content: (typical that content features of reviewing may contain spoilers)

The plot (privided you can abide by it) thickens. First, we see another Federation battleship, the Hagane, overseeing the salvage on the remains of a giant mech (out of the first a list of battles before this few SRWOG started, certainly). Then, Bullet is hard at work analyzing those creatures that attacked the 2 chokijin from before. Things are all now getting complicated, as apparently they were not Aerogaters, the aliens who attacked Earth before.

Oh, and Excellen possesses magical lens flare, as many other naked females in anime of the many genre do.

From the Federation's Iku base, it would appear that the SRX Team are going to be busy testing efficient prototypes. Meanwhile, http://performanceracing.in/Modules/menu.asp?q=31 the DC remnants go on to plot their nefarious plans. The evil Major carries a couple new pilots, children from "The School," the Federation's laboratory for pilot testing who have a rather unsavory feel to it all. Understandable then, should the Federation liquidated the lab, a few of the remnants left and joined the DC faction.

The testing the next morning goes well, with Ryusei beating the prototype being run by Latooni. Following your fight, however, the testing personnel own an ugly surprise, as suddenly their radar detects four unknown units headed towards them. It looks a DC unit, headed by Yu, gonna cause some problems for the Federation, not to mention provided a combat test regarding their two new young pilots Seolla and Arado. The aim is usually to try and capture the Wild Falken, the prototype unit that Latooni is piloting. Unfortunately, Seolla manages to decrease the Wild Falken, thereafter after confronting Latooni (that is apparently another survivor from "The School"), she shoots her and steals the prototype. What exactly odd, however, usually just before she shoots Latooni, Seolla assumes a trance (her eyes glaze over). Something is not right there.

Before any additional damage can be carried out, the ATX Team suddenly appears, they are past due to cease the DC faction from stealing the Wild Falken, even though they abandon one among their particular units, a prototype RBlade. Latooni also seems to fail to be damaged, fortunately.

A lot of action this episode, together with a whole pile of unanswered questions. Why did Lamia know of the monsters from last time being able to complete a spatial jump? Every the DC remnants acquire technology which can effectively "cloak" their units from sensors? So what happened at "The School?"

Things pursue to get complicated, with beginners OAKLEY オークリー ピットブル (http://performanceracing.in/Modules/menu.asp?q=27) thrown on the mix. The DC faction gets two new pilots, Seolla and Arado, that happen to be from "The School," a secret pilot training laboratory the Earth Federation once ran before dissolving it. Apparently, the scholars were little greater than lab rats, so Seolla particularly will have a grudge contrary to the Federation. Meanwhile, http://performanceracing.in/Modules/menu.asp?q=31 the Federation are taking on an alternative prototype, the Wild Falken. Good quality, however, is ruined through the DC faction, who barge in in the final analysis and steal the fresh unit. Precisely what is troublesome, is the DC appear advanced electronic interference capabilities that could fool different tracking devices.

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