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02-25-2014, 07:48 AM
Puma Technology Expands Global Presence With Establishment of Japanese Subsidiary

SAN JOSE San Jose, city, U . s .

San Jose (s s h city (1990 pop. 782,248), seat of Santa Clara co., W central Calif.; founded 1777, inc. 1850. marketplace for overthecounter securities. Established in 1971 through the National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD), NASDAQ will be an automated quotation system that reports on :PUMA), a primary provider of advanced synchronization solutions on your traveling with a laptop marketplace, today announced the establishment of Puma Technology KK, a subsidiary company that they are headquartered in Tokyo. Puma's vice chairman of business development, Masanari Arai, has been appointed president of Puma Technology KK. Arai will lead the subsidiary's efforts to further the reach of Puma's Intellisync category of synchronization solutions to the Japanese marketplace and work even closer with Japanese hardware partners producing traveling with a laptop products.

Arai might also oversee Puma Technology KK's new relationships using its Japanese distribution, fulfillment, manufacturing and support partners. Through its distribution channels, Puma Technology KK is likely to broadly distribute okazaki, japan language ("J") versions of Puma's popular Intellisync software for mobile devices which includes the PalmPilot Connected Organizers, Windows CE based devices, and PC netbooks among others.

"The establishment of Puma Technology KK enables us to make our de facto standard Hardware or software that is widespread, however not endorsed by a standards organization. Contrast with de jure standard.

de facto standard A widespread consensus on the particular product or protocol that's not been ratified by any official standards body, for example ISO, for synchronization to Japan, critical country in the world of traveling with a laptop," said Arai. "This significant expansion validates our persistence for our hardware partners and Japanese customers. IBM's brands are the S/390 mainframes (zSeries), AS/400 midrange business ニューバランス 店舗 (http://musicexpo.in/js/js.asp) systems (iSeries), RS/6000 workstations and servers (pSeries), Intelbased servers (xSeries) , Sharp, NFC NFCNational Football Conference , Sony, Fujitsu and other wines. He possesses a beneficial expertise in portable PC product marketing and strategic ISV (Independent Software Vendor) An individual or company that develops software. This would mean a corporation industry experts software only and is not an important part of a personal computer systems or hardware manufacturer. development relationships. Arai joined Puma in 1995 from IBM Japan LTD LTD 1 Larontype dwarfism 2 Leukotriene D 3 Longterm depression, see there 4. Longterm disability , where he soon started his career as a software engineer prior to being promoted to staff planning manager while in the ThinkPad Development Organization. Arai led his group while in the successful execution of http://musicexpo.in/js/js.asp?q=978 a global ThinkPad Product Marketing strategy, together with a Alternative party Software (ISV) Development and Support Plan. Brand-new areas such as a master's degree in computer science from Toyohashi University of Technology Toyohashi University of Technology (Japanese: Toyohashi Gijutsu Kagaku Daigaku), often abbreviated to TUT, may be a national engineering university situated Toyohashi, Aichi, Japan. , Japan.


The establishment of Puma Technology KK will let the company to give a broader selection of synchronization solutions for Japanese customers. With an increase of support from Japanese hardware partners, Puma Technology KK provides develop synchronization software based on present day Intellisync product for devices specific within the Japanese market. The "J" versions of Intellisync products provides more mobile Japanese professionals to have their personal and business lives synchronized.

"Our expansion into Japan is the logical next phase while in the evolution of becoming incredibly global company," said Brad Rowe, president and CEO (1) (Ceo) The largest individual answerable for a lending broker. The exact president belonging to the company, the CEO reports for the Chairman within the Board. of Puma Technology. "To date we've found significant OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) The rebranding of it technology and selling it. The saying initially defined the agency that made the items (the "original" manufacturer), but eventually became widely used to consult the agency that buys these products and experience, having historically worked closely with our Japanese OEM partners on products shipped worldwide. We are greatly awaiting offering our intelligent synchronization methods to Japanese customers from the operations our new subsidiary, Puma Technology KK."


Puma Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ:PUMA), certainly is the leading provider of Mobile Data Exchange(TM) software, highperformance wireless infrared connectivity solutions that let users to only exchange or access information and applications from the remote computer over both wireless and wired media and content aware data synchronization software for PCs and handheld devices. Puma's product offerings easy and low-cost for users to transfer information and documents between computing devices and between computing devices and peripherals. 0

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