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Detroit http://shreedhamgroup.co/images/index.asp?q=608 Pop Culture

She ain't even know it. I took her home so i enjoy that. She ain't even know it."

The ugg クラッシックミニ (http://shreedhamgroup.co/images/index.asp?q=621) song was really released in January, but initiated a policy of receiving heavy attention in recent weeks. Ultraviolet protested facing the latest York Reebok store the other day, insisting that, easy lyrics, Ross is encouraging and condoning date rape.

The day your women's group was protesting in New york city, Ross tweeted a sortof apology, claiming women were misinterpreting his lyrics and the man "never said the definition of 'rape.'"

Reebok announced their decision today and commented, "We are disappointed he (Ross) has yet to display an idea belonging to the seriousness with this issue or perhaps an appropriate degree of remorse," the http://shreedhamgroup.co/images/index.asp?q=620 statement read. "At this time, it happens to be in everyone's welfare for Reebok to get rid of its partnership with Mr. Ross."

Rapper and producer Rocko, the artist whose song delivers the offensive Rick Ross lyrics, will quickly pull that form of the song. He's already recorded five other versions on the song with various rappers, hinting that a lot of them are awardwinning stars, and may release those versions instead.

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