View Full Version : New suby owner with questions

07-13-2009, 12:24 PM
i just bought a 05 legacy gt and i was wondering how much km i should get off a full tank and is there anything that i can do to improve it. i also wanted to get some feedback on blow-off valves because i have been getting mixed reviews about them. Are they good or bad for the legacy? is a ram air intake better and when should i change mt timing belt and water pump?

07-13-2009, 08:39 PM
Not sure about km but you probly won't get much more than 25 mpg with that car, most of it depends on your driving habbits. Make sure your plugs and air filter are changed when they need to be and other than that not too much you can do. As for the blow off valves I am not really sure, would love to know if anyone out there does but as far as I know a turbo engine is a turbo engine, no matter if its in a wrx, sti, forester, or legacy. They all do the same thing so it should not matter from one make to the next but like I said I am not sure. As for the timing belt, change it every 105k miles and I wouldn't worry about the water pump until it starts to leak a little from the seep hole. Hope this helps, and if you find anything out for sure on the blow off valve please let me know. Have a great day and welcome to the forum.