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02-23-2014, 08:29 PM
Steve Mitten B

For a coach and leadership trainer Steve has studied in the Coach Training Institute, Innerwork Solutions, The Banff Centre For Management together with the CoActive Space Leadership Program. He has a http://musicexpo.in/js/js.asp?q=977 long-term student with the work of Kouzes and Posner, Peter Senge, Warren Bennis, Richard Boyatzis, Jim Collins, Daniel Goleman ニューバランス 靴 (http://musicexpo.in/js/js.asp?q=977) and Integral Theory. Steve has served in several leadership capacities including that from 2005 President of one's International Coach Federation, addressing over 14,000 professional coaches across the world. Fresh been quoted at a selection of newspapers and periodicals including The Globe and Mail, Fast Company, and Readers Digest. Dept. As relates http://musicexpo.in/js/js.asp to business and entrepreneurial activities, brand-new areas such as started five companies, and been obama and Managing Director of two public companies with international operations. He enjoys family, friends, well being, travel along with assortment of sports and outdoor activities including running, biking, swimming, boating, skiing and waterskiing. Summers are spent with the fam in a cottage over the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia. Steve would rather subject in people's lives and routinely volunteers his enough time to assist others to uncover their inspiration, hook up to their strengths and make powerful adjustments in their lives.